Story & Philosophy

The story behind Change Punk


When it comes to organizational development, there is certainly no shortage of tools, management methods and qualified coaches.
Quite the opposite, in fact. The market is practically flooded with them.
If this is the case, then why do so many organizations still struggle to make real progress?
The honest answer is:
Organizational development is inherently complex!
And when something is complex, it requires “complexity masters” rather than “tool junkies”.
But to master complexity, you must be “radically honest” and focus on what is truly needed.
After 23 years of experience in organizational development, we discovered that this unfortunately doesn't happen in more than 90% of all companies - often due to the everyday madness that is all too normal.
To break free from this, it takes more than "Change Management". It takes a revolution!
From this idea, the concept of “Change Punk” was born – the most radically honest approach to organizational development.


Karen Schmidt, founder of Change Punk


“If we don't look honestly, everything else is rubbish! We do not need a new management model, a framework or a toolbox that is the supposed silver bullet. What we really need is courage! We need the courage to observe radically honestly and only do what truly makes sense.”

__Karen Schmidt

“Radically honest = open-minded analysis beyond fads, trends and conventions; no dogmas and no lame compromises.”

Change Punk liberates you from business nonsense!