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Change Punk thinking tools help you approach organizational change with “radical honesty” – especially when you’re under pressure, resources are scarce, and quick results are required. Here are three of our favorites.

Tool for better decision-making

Decision Canvas

What exactly is important, i.e., what needs to be decided and why - and what doesn't? This one-pager with its ten questions helps define objectives so that everyone understands and actively supports them.
Tool for clear roles

Decision Hats

Who should, can, and wants to decide... who else needs to be involved... and how? These playing cards help clarify roles in decision matters and avoid misunderstandings and conflicts.
Tool for effective implementation

Project Canvas

The 42 questions help to understand new initiatives in a structured way, so everyone knows what's important, why it matters, and how to get things moving together. It brings you on the same page, heading in the right direction.
Talk to us to learn more about our tools. All tools come from our own research center 'Over the Fence.' Karen founded this together with Prof. Dr. Frank Habermann in 2013 to revolutionize change and management.

We've also written articles and books. Highly praised, fiercely competent, but colorful! Here are our bestsellers.

Berlin, 2022

Decision Hats - Field Guide

"The book offers nothing less than a novel concept for improving decision-making processes." __Stefanie Klein, Director, Harvard Business Publishing

Berlin, 2018

Over the Fence

"A valuable book that you will enjoy picking up again and again. Fun, entertaining and really useful. (...)" Book Review in Projektmagazin

Offenbach, 2021

Hey, nicht so schnell

"It's always helpful and inspiring to discuss with Karen and Frank - and that's exactly what this book is. So have fun reading!" __Dr. Mirko Caspar, Co-CEO, Mister Spex

If you don't like reading, you can listen. A small selection of podcasts.

August 2023

Projekt. Wahn. Sinn. Projektwahnsinn?

Karen is a guest on Frank Wulfes' "Kurswechsel" podcast. (Talk in German)

November 2021

Breaking (Project) Management and Decision Routines

Karen is a guest on Myriam Hadness' "" podcast. (Talk in English)

Juni 2022

Uncertainty Mapping - Über die Vermessung von Unsicherheiten

Karen is a guest on Mario Neumann's "Projektsafari" podcast. (Talk in German)