Radically honest
organizational development


 for leaders,
 who want to ignite
 positive change in warp speed. 

Do you recognize these situations in your company?

Why do these issues persist?

Because we often fail to look at things radically honestly in critical situations, even though we know better. No time, quick-fix thinking, or organizational blindness leads to hasty decisions that are implemented slowly, painfully, or never at all.


You've probably experienced this in your company, right?

So, the all important question is:

Do you want to continue witnessing and accepting such behavior in your organization on a daily basis - we call it 'as usual' ... or do you wish for an organization that approaches organizational development 'radically honestly'?

"As Usual"
Organizational Development


"Radically Honest"
Organizational Development

= No clear decisions are made, and if they are, they are implemented slowly, painfully, or never at all.


= Clear decisions are made and executed with focus, leading to outrageously swift positive changes.

= Only those who have mentally resigned are happy (because they no longer need to feel guilty).


= Everyone is happy; they are freed from an extremely laborious, endlessly repetitive change theater.

Change Punk takes your organizational development to an unprecedented level

What is Change Punk?

Change Punk is the most radically honest approach to organizational development, based on the following three qualities.

  • Lazy: Those who are "lazy in action" - meaning they don't want to waste time and energy – consequently become creative and focused. Therefore, at the beginning of every complex change, laziness is the better busy! 

  • Cheeky: Change Punk doesn't care about dogmas, fashions and trends. It's all about igniting "outrageously fast" positive changes instead of swimming in the "trendy hype." In other words, it's about shifting from being a "methods junkie" to a "complexity master". 

  • Intelligent: Change Punk always keeps the task at hand, people, and the entire organization in focus, combining business administration with concepts from psychology (behavioral economics) and sociology (systems theory). This is the toolkit to master complexity!

To implement "radically honest organizational development" (= Change Punk) in companies, we've developed Change Punk thinking tools. These tools...

  • help uncover contradictions within the system arising from different expert perspectives (interdisciplinary).

  • unite various viewpoints (hierarchical and departmental) on common goals or desired change.

  • are always "multilingual" and as complex as necessary to serve the purpose, the people involved, and the organizational system.

Companies already using Change Punk

What it means for your organization when you bring Change Punk onboard


You will elevate the decision-making culture in your organization to an unexpected high level.

That means: 

Towards a "radically honest" decision-making culture that enables crystal-clear and goal-oriented decisions embraced wholeheartedly by ALL stakeholders.

Your output: 

Enthusiasm and inspiration instead of frustration and aversion. The workforce sees the presence of genuine leadership rather than mere figureheads.


You will take the change and project culture in your organization to an unexpected high level.

That means: 

Towards a "radically honest" management of projects, transformations, and other change initiatives that leads to everyone pulling in the same direction. In the right direction.

Your output: 

Transformation management and project work become the most exciting activities in your organization, consistently surpassing the agreed-upon goals in record-breaking style.


You will elevate collaboration in your organization to an unexpected high level.

That means: 

Towards a "radically honest" collaboration that transforms pseudo T.E.A.M.s (Totally. Egoistic. And. Mediocre.) into genuine T.E.A.M.s (Totally. Engaged. Awe-inspiring. Members). Achieving more with less stress - pretty impressive, isn't it?

Your output: 

Genuine T.E.A.M.s eliminate issues like a painkiller, reducing absenteeism, demotivation, and fluctuation. Additionally, they attract top performers like magnets, significantly reducing recruiting costs.

Get to know Change Punk ...

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What others say about Change Punk

“… valuable, surprising and exciting from start to finish.”

Stefanie Klein, Director, Harvard Business Publishing, Boston, USA

“The thinking tools you develop are so simple and to the point. You always think: Well, I could have thought of that too.”

Christian Weier, Director Consulting Services, CGI

“… should definitely become mainstream.”

Erik Leung Shun, PMP Project Manager, Brussels Airport

More praise? 

Here are 25 more ...

  • Dr. Karsten Gottke, Global People Senior Growth
    "...entertaining, unorthodox, and profound. In our collaboration, Karen made agile work immediately tangible."
    Dr. Karsten Gottke, Global People Senior Growth
  • Frank Milius, Founder & Managing Director
    "Helps involve all stakeholders and make better decisions."
    Frank Milius, Founder & Managing Director
    NEOCOSMO, Germany
  • Mirko Caspar, Co-CEO
    "A very clear guide on how to proceed!"
    Mirko Caspar, Co-CEO
    Mister Spex
  • Carl Dolan
    "...brilliant analysis and groundbreaking concepts."
    Carl Dolan
    2ndbounce Ltd. UK
  • Niklas Proksch, Managing Director
    "Fosters agile work, especially in uncertainty!"
    Niklas Proksch, Managing Director
  • Giulio Groppi
    "...extremely competent and highly creative."
    Giulio Groppi
    Europe Commission, Belgium
  • Eugenio Molini, Strategy Consultant
    "...helps people think together and make better individual decisions."
    Eugenio Molini, Strategy Consultant
    Molini, Stockholm
  • Sven Lehmann, Strategic Marketing and Research
    "...truly surprising insights - even for experienced managers. It shows where we often fail in practice."
    Sven Lehmann, Strategic Marketing and Research
    Total, France
  • Dr. Gesine Boeske , Deputy Managing Director
    "We've opened Pandora's box - and I mean that absolutely positively!"
    Dr. Gesine Boeske , Deputy Managing Director
    Zentrum für LehrerInnenbildung (ZfL), Cologne
  • Armin Berger, Founder & Managing Director
    "Enables better decision-making - individually and collaboratively."
    Armin Berger, Founder & Managing Director
    3pc, Berlin
  • Marcel Ziegler, IT Project Lead
    "...makes projects more agile and customer-oriented."
    Marcel Ziegler, IT Project Lead
  • Christian Grune, Board Member
    "...not only for those who already suspected that some decisions are made too quickly but especially for those who think decisions should be made quickly."
    Christian Grune, Board Member
    Montessori Foundation, Berlin
  • Prof. Dr. Harald Wehnes
    "...an indispensable instrument to quickly create a common understanding of complex projects."
    Prof. Dr. Harald Wehnes
    Program Director PM Forum, Germany
  • Helena Sternkopf, Project & Program Manager
    "...a wonderfully valuable treasure map."
    Helena Sternkopf, Project & Program Manager
    Junge Tüftler, Berlin
  • Stefanie Quade, Author & Consultant for  Digital Transformation
    "...simply the best way for teams to start a project."
    Stefanie Quade, Author & Consultant for Digital Transformation
  • Oliver Huckels, Senior Project Manager
    "This is an excellent and entertaining method to clarify assignments."
    Oliver Huckels, Senior Project Manager
  • Inga Wachsmann
    "...helped us focus, prioritize, and make decisions in a collegial way."
    Inga Wachsmann
    Fondation Charles Léopold Mayer, Paris
  • Martin Ratzmann, Strategic Leader
    "The generic methods are also excellent for people without management expertise."
    Martin Ratzmann, Strategic Leader
  • Stefan Derwort, Trainer & Consultant
    "With the Canvas model, everyone can quickly get involved in new projects."
    Stefan Derwort, Trainer & Consultant
  • Dr. Giulia Molinengo
    "...after this, no project is the same as before!"
    Dr. Giulia Molinengo
    Researcher, IASS Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies, Potsdam
  • Johannes Frings, OKR Master
    “...easy to understand and to apply ad hoc.”
    Johannes Frings, OKR Master
  • Anna-Katharina Glahn, Founder
    "Inspiring. Moving. Calming. What a successful combination!"
    Anna-Katharina Glahn, Founder
    Values at Work
  • Alexander Miskiw, Project Manager
    "...know-how exchange at the highest level."
    Alexander Miskiw, Project Manager
    Lead of GPM-Region Dusseldorf/ Rhein-Ruhr
  • Dr. Christoph Wargitsch, CEO
    "...educational and very entertaining. An experience no manager should miss."
    Dr. Christoph Wargitsch, CEO
    Wargitsch & Comp. AG
  • Christian de Neef, Managing Director
    "...a lot of valuable input in a very short time."
    Christian de Neef, Managing Director
    Fasttrack, Brussels

Now, it's up to you.
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